What to wear on a flight

All this flying has got me thinking about my perfect travel outfit and I’ve a few essentials to share with you.

What to wear on a flight

What to wear on a flight by thenomadsconcierge featuring gray shoes

Well, Nomads, I’ve been a little quiet recently as I’ve been flying about all over the place with unreliable internet. More to come on that in the coming week once I’m caught up but meanwhile, all this flying has got me thinking about my perfect travel outfit and I’ve a few essentials to share with you.

I’d describe my in-flight style as practical chic. I gave up on dressing up for flights when I gave up on getting upgraded… even on honeymoon & my 30th. Thanks a lot for introducing the extra hurdle of Premium Economy, airlines. So I hit unsubscribe on all those flight hacker emails and donned leggings and an outfit that actually works for me.

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Old me at Check In.

These are my top items:

A breathable jumper / sweater –┬átemperature regulation on board is my nemesis; I flit between shivering and sweating like some feverish shilly-shally. I like to wear breathable fabrics when on an airplane, like bamboo, merino and other wools, avoiding any blend that is too synthetic. Try this one with its nice neck line.

Cozy socks – bamboo or wool socks for the win, Nomads. No icicle toes here. These are fab, I can imagine being in front of the fire in a farmhouse in them.

Leggings with plenty of support – if I’ve only got a short haul flight, I’m often found in my signature look of black jeans. However, for long haul a whole other level of support is needed. I like compression leggings for keeping it all in with a decent waistband and avoiding achy legs / lessening DVT risk. I’m desperate to try these – aside from great reviews, they’re made from recycled water bottles! A fact I would definitely tell every surrounding passenger and perhaps ask the pilot to announce it over the tanoy.

Footwear for easy security checks – don’t be that person, Nomads. You know the one I mean. The one who is NEVER READY for security checks. Have your electronics in an easy place to pull out and for goodness sake, pick shoes that are easy to remove if you’re in a country that requires it. I love these, a very on-trend way to avoid eye rolls from the ballooning queue behind you.

Sunglasses – we all need a little glamour in our lives, Nomads, and as long as I’ve remembered to pack my contact lens pot in a suitable spot, I’m all about sunglasses as I waltz through the airport, avoiding the imaginary paparazzi. What a duty-free treat if you’ve some shopping time before boarding. If not, I am in love with these ones. Though I do need them a little less now I’ve discovered moisturising eye patches to pop on mid-flight.

A blanket scarf – in the lifelong battle to overcome chilly flights, the blanket scarf is King. Consequently, I am aaall about the layering and optional extras. I love this scarf because it is made in my temporary home of Ethiopia and from a designer I’m borderline obsessed with (see bag selection too!).

A great bag – Ethiopian leather is amazing and I love how Zaaf incorporate little cultural nods into their chic designs. I’m dropping massive hints to Concierge Husband about this one.